OHP operates a unique school-based oral health program for children and youth in the Green Bay Area Public School District who are uninsured, but qualify for the Free/Reduced Lunch program at their schools, or who are on Medical Assistance. OHP dental professionals travel with portable dental equipment to high-risk schools, set up in space made available by the school, and provide a range of services including dental exams and diagnosis, x-rays, cleaning, topical fluoride treatments, sealants, composite fillings, stainless steel crowns, and extractions.

Often, students need multiple appointments to complete their care and OHP will not be back at their school for some time. If that is the case, a student may be referred to one of our fixed-site locations at the centrally located Howe Neighborhood Family Resource Center, the east side Salvation Army Kroc Center, or the west side OHP West location for additional appointments. Occasionally, students with special needs (e.g., Asthma, Autism) are referred to our Special Needs Clinics at St. Vincent's Hospital or St. Mary's Hospital for their dental work to be performed.

For parents who prefer their children to be seen in one of OHP's fixed-site clinic locations and not at school, please contact OHP's Administrative Office by phone or fill out our Online Contact Form to schedule an appointment.


After a child's treatment plan has been completed, it's important that they continue regular dental visits for routine check-ups. For this reason, OHP requires that all patients participate in our Six Month Recall Program. Each child will receive an exam, diagnosis (if any), a cleaning, and a fluoride treatment to ensure that their teeth are healthy and their smiles remain as bright as their futures.