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Kids on Medical Assistance or who are uninsured with limited resources often struggle to find dental care.

Postponing care can lead to preventable cavities, dental disease, and pain.


Kids in pain have trouble eating, sleeping, and focusing in school. The decay can impact speaking and cause embarrassment and a reluctance to smile.

I’m happy. The dentists did so much things that changed my life. It was hurting. I can’t sleep. I tell my Mom. Then when they get all the cavities out of my teeth, I could sleep more better. I like my big smile.

The team at OHP believes all children should have access to quality dental care and the tools needed for a healthy smile they love to show off.

Now I love coming to the dentist. You can tell the people [at OHP] actually like their jobs and are happy.

We see kids in our clinic locations.

As well as in schools, daycares and other community locations.

I love my smile!

Through excellent oral health care and oral health education, we are giving kids the tools they need now and in the future for a healthy smile!

I feel better, my teeth don’t hurt anymore.

All kids deserve healthy, pain-free smiles.

Your gift to OHP is instrumental in the lives of children!